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Ni Hsin's business was established in Taiwan in 1957 as a producer of stainless steel consumer products for the domestic Taiwanese market. Since its inception, Ni Hsin has evolved and grown significantly and is today, a producer of premium stainless steel products for the international market. Ni Hsin Resources Berhad (Company No. 653353-W), an investment holding company, was incorporated to group our premium stainless steel cookware, clad metals and convex mirrors businesses together. Today, Ni Hsin Resources Berhad (Company No. 653353-W)is a public listed company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad.
Ni Hsin focuses on designing and manufacturing the highest grade of premium stainless steel cookware. Manufactured using our own proprietary multi-ply clad metals ranging from 2 ply to 7 ply, we provide the most exquisite and high quality multi-ply stainless steel cookware to customers throughout the world. Our achievement of such high product standards is ample proof of our advanced design and manufacturing technology, wealth of knowledge, innovativeness and more than 50 years of experience.
With such an advanced level of technology pulsating as the lifeline of the company, the highest manufacturing standards are ensured with our best quality guarantee. The attainment of such high standards are also reflected in each of Ni Hsin's highly-efficient departments: Management, Administration, Engineering Workforce, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Research and Development, Delivery and Marketing. Led by members of the Hsiao family, they synergise as a single unit, providing innovation and superior quality.
If you require assistance in manufacturing premium stainless steel products or creating new designs, you are most welcome to contact us.