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1957 Introduction of stainless steel cookware by founder, Hsiao Tsai Sheng.
1961 The founder established the first stainless steel cookware factory in Taipei, Taiwan.
1973 First export market - Australia.
1975 Implemented automated manufacturing techniques and facilities.
1980 Implemented Sandwich-Bottom brazing facilities. Became the pioneer to utilise these facilities in Taiwan and notably the only manufacturer in Asia producing Sandwich-Bottom pots and pans.
1981 Purchased fully-automated polishing machines and refurbished all main machineries. Eventually become a pioneer as Asia's cookware manufacturer with automated facilities.
1982 Widespread exploration especially into Japan and world stainless steel Cookware market. Become the only manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Multi-Ply Clad Cookware in Asia and Multi-Ply Chinese Woks for the world. 
1988 Assisted in the setting up of the acclaimed CNS (Chinese National Standard) for pressure cookers in Taiwan.
1990 Ni Hsin witnessed the building of a 10,000sq. m. factory in Malaysia.
1996 Completed second phase expansion programme. Factory size is doubled at 20,000sq. m.. Introduced the use of computerised Auto Warehouse process to complement production as well as improve on growing sales and services in term of shorter delivery lead time.
1999 Attained ISO 9001 certification from S.G.S.. Began the manufacture of a new product - the Traffic Stainless Steel Convex Mirror - which soon become a leader in this product category.
2001 Ever-Grow Advanced Materials Sdn Bhd. (Company No. 545564-A) was set up to provide quality multi-ply clad metals to Ni Hsin and other stainless steel Cookware and electrical and electronics manufacturers overseas.
2002 Received accreditation for SG (CH-IH) factory, one of the factories outside Japan to receive this honour.
2003 Added a whole new fully-automated non-stick coating line to enhance the manufacturing capacity as a complete stainless steel Cookware manufacturer.
2004 Introduction of Shear Forming Technology in the production of our products to reduce raw material costs and weight of stainless steel Cookware. Mass production of 2-ply stainless steels rice cooker bowl with induction capability and non-stick coating for high-end Japanese market.
2005 Ni Hsin Resources Bhd (Company No. 653353-W )was listed on Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. on 28 July 2005. Enco Rice Bowl, a multi-ply stainless steel rice bowl insert which is used to replace the common aluminium rice cooker bowl insert used in rice cookers, was launched.
2006 To further enhance our market competency, additional Shear Forming machineries were purchased. A complete set of rice cooker with multi-ply stainless steels rice bowl insert was launched. Rectangular Stainless Steel Convex Mirror was successfully developed and launched.
2007 Free and Function series of premium multi-ply stainless steel cookware were launched. These cookwares have integrated handles formed together with the stainless steel Cookware body with detachable bakelite or silicon handles and are easier to clean. They are lighter without any loss of heat distribution efficiency.
2008 Water filter with industry-first-one-piece stainless steel water filter casing was launched.
2010 Steel Crafts Europa S.R.L. (Company No. BS-513499) was incorporated in Italy to market our products in the European Union.
2011 A bigger size Commercial Pressure Cooker (30L) successfully developed and launched.
2014 Inoco Resources Sdn Bhd (Company No. 1117556-H) was incorporated to venture into oil and gas exploration and production.
2016 Ni Hsin Resources Bhd (Company No. 653353-W) acquired 70% of the issued and paid-up share capital of MyAngkasa Ni Hsin Sdn Bhd (“MNHSB”) to build and expand Ni Hsin's cookware and other related businesses and to develop a new brand “PENTOLI” for Ni Hsin's cookware products in order to enhance shareholders’ value.