Ni Hsin has developed a range of Premium Quality Multi-ply Clad Metals under an extremely high temperature and precision conditions, resulting in clad metals that are anti-scratch, sturdy and durable. Our Clad Metals conduct heat rapidly and evenly with no chemical reaction. Our Function Series of premium stainless steel cookware utilises this advanced materials to ensure efficient and even heat distribution throughout the stainless steel cookware.
Our exclusive Shear Forming technology has produced our very own varied thickness design stainless steel cookware. This unique design will not only meet the demands of different cooking methods of pan-fried, stir-fried, deep-fried, stewed and boiled, its thick at the bottom and thin at the side technology also reduces 25% of the stainless steel cookware body weight, enhancing thermal conductivity by more than 30%. Excellent heat storage minimizes fumes, conserves energy and achieves excellent results with easy cooking.
Our patented water seal groove design creates a thin film of water between the pot and the lid, and seals the pot with a vacuum effect. As a result, the nutrients in the food will not escape along with the water vapour, and all the rich flavors will stay inside the pot.
Having a philosophy to produce the most innovative yet ergonomic products, Ni Hsin has introduced its unibody stainless steel cookware designs. The first stainless steel cookware to incorporate a one-piece design, there are no welding, no dead edges and no joints. This design allows for cleaning simplicity and promises handles that will last forever.
Our Unique Double-hole Ventilator :
  • Prevent soup spillage and steam backflow
  • Thermo Cooking Effect during cooking process, energy and time saving
  • Preserve nutritional value in food by sealing the circulation of water vapour
  • continuously
With our Distilled Water Cleaning Process, safety and hygiene of our stainless steel cookware is ensured.
With the serious global warming phenomenon, environmental protection has become an important aspect of daily life. In response to this, Ni Hsin has created a product to aide in the fight against global warming. With its thickness varied design, energy consumption can be reduced by 20%; with its even heat distribution water usage can be reduce whilst still allowing for perfect cooking conditions. Last but no least, with a product made to last, it reduces manufacturing requirement thus reducing carbon emissions and unnecessary wastage. Support the environment by using energy saving products.
Pioneer in shape bakelite screws This design allows the stainless steel cookware to be multi functional. Easy to attach and detach, it allows the customers to use the product both on the stove and in the oven.

Colorful silicon handles made of food grade anti-bacterial material allows the customers to create a colorful creative kitchen targeting younger generations who have an interest in cooking and design.